Located in the North Bay area, Generational Energy joins homeowners, contractors, architects, designers, and others interested in energy efficiency as we move into the future. With extensive knowledge of building science, home energy performance, diagnostic testing and evolving energy efficiency regulations, Generational Energy helps define the pathway to an energy efficient home.

A “whole-house” home energy audit by Generational Energy is the first step a homeowner can take towards increasing the efficiency of their home, reducing energy usage, or deciding on a renewable energy producing option such as solar. A complete analysis helps homeowners to prioritize repairs and retrofits.

Even more, the energy assessment is a major step in saving money, making a home healthier and more durable and comfortable as well as helping local communities and the planet.

Generational Energy provides consultations, resources, verifications, certifications, and energy calculations to contractors, solar installers, building departments and their inspectors, architects and designers enabling them to remain compliant with California Energy Commission regulations. We work to integrate the applicable energy information and assist these professionals as they build new homes and retrofit existing ones.

Generational Energy strives to create partnerships, build community and enrich people’s lives through education and action.  We want to improve the quality of life for individuals and families by assisting them in making the best choices possible for their home.  Whether it’s new construction or remodeling your existing home, we have a number of solutions.  Accessing resources is vital to all segments participating in the evolution of energy efficiency and building science.  Generational Energy brings together knowledge and resources, not only of building science itself, but also of the funding mechanisms such as tax credit verifications, rebates, incentives and stimulus funding available to homeowners and contractors. 



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